Giro d'Italia in Bibione

Giro d'Italia in Bibione

15 April 2016

The first Stage Committee meeting has been held in the local council delegation offices for the Giro d’Italia, which will be back in Bibione on 19 May 2016 after no fewer than 16 years. The 12th stage will start in Noale and end in our resort.

A team of approximately 15 people was joined by technicians from the broadcaster Rai for a meeting with the local mayor Pasqualino Codognotto, representatives of the Bibione Live tourism promotion association and a number of other local figures, as they took the first steps in the overall organization process for the stage of the bicycle race.

Numerous crucial matters were analysed, starting with a detailed look at the route, the location of the finish line, the media centre that will be created for journalists and all of the initiatives that will take place before and after the arrival of the cyclists.
After the technical meeting, the team split into groups and spread out, each heading in person to collect all of the information required in order to make the final decisions, details of which will be provided in mid-December.

There is a great deal of enthusiasm about the stage of the Giro d’Italia in Bibione and work is already being done to combine the sports event with the tourist offerings to maximum effect, especially because the same week will also see the official opening of the beach. As well as special offers, there will be high-profile side initiatives, including schemes to promote road safety in schools and encourage young children to take up cycling.

“Bibione is ready to turn pink and show just how big a welcome it can give to all of its guests,” was the message from all of those present today.

The excitement is reaching fever pitch in Bibione, which has been an undisputed sporting capital for years now thanks to top class events that attract thousands of athletes from all over the world.

There is also a lot of curiosity about where the finishing line will be. The official answer will be given in the coming months, after the race director and all of the technical staff have visited the resort and carefully assessed the chosen location in accordance with the established requirements. It will definitely have to be somewhere that suits the needs of the bunch sprint that we are very likely to see at the end of the 12th stage.

Bibione is the ideal place to savour all of the wonders of getting about on two wheels. It has unforgettable routes for people with all kinds of fitness levels and performance requirements, first and foremost among which is the cycle path “between the green pine groves and the blue sea”. In addition, it is possible to explore the magnificent natural landscape in the inland areas as you follow cycling routes of up to 70 kilometres.


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