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Verona - KM. 200

The experience

Through its architecture, Verona tells its story of changing rulers: beginning with the Roman settlement, then the Age of Commons, the Age of the Seigniory of the Scaligeri, Venetian rule and the rule of the House of Hapsburg.
In the central square, Piazza Bra, the great Arena stands out. This Roman amphitheatre has been hosting the prestigious Summer Lyric Festival and many concerts for decades. Nearby there is Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s home), with its famous balcony, which thousands of people visit every year, fascinated by the story of Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy. Walking through Piazza delle Erbe square, and then, mingling with the people leading their daily lives and visiting the colourful city market, is a very pleasant experience. And to take a step into the past, into the period of the greatest glory of the Seigniory Scaligera, you only have to go to Piazza dei Signori and admire the great palaces, the Loggia and the Palazzo della Ragione. Don’t miss a visit to the Duomo, the famous altar-piece by Titian, the nearby Basilica di Santa Anastasia and the Roman Theatre. Also, you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Basilica di San Zeno, a fascinating example of Roman architecture, and Castelvecchio, an ancient manor from the fourteenth century that currently houses the Civic Museum.

Verona must be experienced through art and architecture: walking through its palaces, its churches and squares. Verona is a journey through history, culture and… love.

Eating in Verona…

In addition to various typical dishes, for example the bollito con la pearà (boiled meats with pearàsauce) or the pastissada de caval (horse meat), the Verona area offers natural and high quality products, including ‘Riso Vialone Nano’ rice, the only one in Italy boasting the European trademark of Protected Geographical Indication, the Monte Veronese cheese and the extra-virgin olive oil of Garda Lake. These products can become part of exquisite recipes that can best be served with local PDO wines like the Bardolino from the Garda Riviera, the Soave wines, the Valpolicella wines, and of course the famous Amarone.