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Serenity and more space for you

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Your well-being has always been close to our heart: never like this year we would like holidays to be synonymous with true relaxation, so our slogan is "serenity and more space for you”.

Serenity and more space for you in the common areas of the hall, serenity and more space for you at your table in the restaurant, serenity and more space for you even on the beach, between the umbrellas, serenity and more space for your children in the play areas.

Good food and maximum care for hygiene are at home at the Hotel Palma de Majorca!

We continue to pay special attention to hygiene, in order to guarantee you and all your loved ones maximum comfort and above all the highest possible level of safety of rooms and objects; in fact, we are already working to further raise our standards - which in this regard have always been very high - through the use of appropriate appliances and procedures.

We sanitize all bedrooms, bathrooms, the hall, the restaurant and all common areas with ozone generators and steam air-purifiers.
In order not to leave anything to chance, in the hotel there are several hand sanitary gel dispensers; in the rooms there are hygienic bags for the TV remote control and even the dispenser for toilet paper. 

As usual, we will continue to do our job with passion for you as "serenity dispensers".

For any other curiosity or information we are always available for you!