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Bibione, one of the first beaches of the Adriatic Sea, with a 14 km long coast, was already at the end of the 70ies – beginning of the 80ies one of the first Italian beaches to promote the windsurf.

At the beginning foreign tourists started practising this new sport, in particular from Germany, but today there also also a lot of Italian families enjoying windfsurf. This sport can be practised not only by children (also very young) but also by the less young, as fathers, mothers and sometimes even grandparents!

During the years, various schools have promoted this activity and today there are five pioneer schools in this field, distributed along the coast and members of VDWS, a well known association of windsurf schools and nautical sports at international level and qualified trainers: a guarantee of professionalism.

Thanks to them windsurf is developing in Bibione and improving both as far as the available material is concerned (lighter and more comfortable sails) and on the technical and didactical point of view offering lessons for all ages and levels.

The coast of Bibione is south oriented and therefore breezes, rotating clockway from East to West and always blowing side-on-shore from the sea, guarantee the surfing of the people that practice this sport. This means safety, also thanks to the trainers of the schools and the qualified persons for rescuing.

In Bibione there are many wonderful days with strong wind and waves, bora from Trieste or sirocco from the sea, with sometimes hard conditions for the expert surfers.

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